Another Hamfest

From:  Chuck Curran [SMTP:ccurran-at-execpc-dot-com]
Sent:  Monday, April 06, 1998 8:16 PM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  Another Hamfest

Hello All:

This last Sunday, 4/5/98, I drove to Madison, WI for a Hamfest that is
pretty good in Wisconsin.  I realized that it was a bad day when my planned
departure time of 6:00 AM was then altered by the impact of daylight savings
time -- I did yawn at least once that day!  I went looking for whatever
jumped up and looked good and I was pretty lucky, for me anyway.  I ended up
purchasing one Heathkit IG-102 RF generator for $15.00 and two identical
Hewlett Packard 200CD audio generators, that cover 5 Hz-650 kHz, for $10.00
each, which is perfect for Tesla work.  My original signal generator is a HP
200C from about 1950 (guess) that covered 20 Hz-200 KHz using one 6J6, two
6J7's, one 6V6 and one 5Y3-GT.  Now my new "modern" generators actually use
four digit glass tubes like the 6AU6.  I've moved all the way up to about
1964 in test gear now.

All three units worked as soon as I plugged them in, which sort of left me
feeling like I got taken--now I won't have any fun fixing them.  The
Heathkit appears as though it is new out of the box--not a scratch on it.
I've got another one that I got for free that doesn't have solid High freq.
output, so now I have one that works perfectly, ah, so far.

If anyone is ever looking for a source for a manual for old test gear, try:

Manual Merchant
2475 Loring Street
San Diego, CA  92109-2348

Phone:  1-619-490-9076
Fax:  1-619-490-9075

or try

Manuals Plus    e-mail    jackh-at-manualsplus-dot-com

That's all for now.

Chuck Curran