caps and poly

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I have used litho plates for other applications (not caps yet).  A
little steel wool and some type wash was all I used to clean them up.
The print and resist came right off.

Brian D. Basura
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> hi fellow coilers
>       have just started to make my plate cap according to mike hammers
> instrutions. I am using old litho plates which are roughly 18" by 14"
> this gives
> me 4 plates 7"x9" if I chop off 2" and leave a lug 1" I end up withh
> 51/4" X 9"
> so far so good. It then occured to me that this is going to give a
> greater
> capacitance than mikes 6"x6" plates. 45^2 inches as opposed to 35^2
> inches per
> plate. As i need.0177uF for my neon according to tesla cad should I
> cut down the
> size of the plates or increase the number of plates per cap from 24 to
> say 30.
> another qeustion. has anyone used old litho plates for any lenth of
> time? I am
> wondering about the print and the photo resist reacting with the oil
> over time.
> It does not seem to want to come off very easily so I think to will be
> ok but
> some feedbach would be helfull. btw thanks for all the help so far,
> the primary
> is genarating a lot of interest " Hope you arent thinking of switching
> that
> thing on when i am about" "I'll be away when you test it! shame" the
> cat is most
> curious, and is my biggest fan so far.
> bob lightning without rain
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