Resistance of a pole pig

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Subject:  Re: Resistance of a pole pig

Hi Jim,

>DC resistance can be measured with an ohmmeter....
>The reactance is a little trickier. Measure the AC resistance at 60 Hz,
>remove the contribution of the DC resistance, and you'll have the
>reactance, unloaded. Of course, this doesn't measure the leakage

I was going to post about using the "short the secondary" and measure
the primary inductance method, but using JUST hand tools;) requires
one to measure the primary current from the mains!  The local
electrical utility would not be happy.
>More at: http://home.earthlink-dot-net/~jimlux/hv/varvom.htm , which will tell
>you how to measure all the transformer parameters "using only simple hand

	Your page is coming alone very nicely! When can I buy your

Unfortunately, varvom1.gif does not display legibly even in 1024 X 768
mode on a 19" monitor using netscape. I had to save the gif and then
look at it with _Graphics Workshop_ to see the schematic. Even then,
the "voltmeters" looked like they had a capital "S" in the symbol. 

note: all the other pics I looked at displayed correctly.


	jim fosse