Resistance of pole pig

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Eric and all,

Tesla List wrote:

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> Subject:  Resistance of pole pig
> Erik and all,
> The best answer to your question comes from Mr. Gary Johnson. Use the
> percent impedance figure on the tag on the transformer, this will give
> you the maximum short circuit current.

Agreed. This is something I haven't used myself, but worth taking a look

>  The one thing I would question in regard to Gary's
> response, is the likelihood of opening the fuse on the distribution
> transformer by shorting a pole pig on a Tesla coil. Unless the pig was
> connected ahead of both the branch circuit breaker and the main breaker
> for the house, these two overcurrent devices would trip long before the
> fuse on the pole.

Agreed and ..um..  tested. The breakers trip. I might also add, always use
dual-trip breakers, especially with 230 applied.

> It is unlikely that someone who is knowledgeable
> enough to construct a Tesla coil would bypass these safety devices. Hope
> this helps. Good luck and be safe!

I hope so!

> Eric Davidson
> edavidson-at-icva.gov