Medhurts K formula [Qbasic listing]

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I just ran the program under MS DOS' version of QBASIC after correcting the
line feeds intro'd by the e-mailer software.   

I am not familiar with Medhurst's work, but assuming the program is refering
to a standard helical primary, the results compared favorably to the results
I obtained by deterimining mutual induction and coupling co-efficient using
my LCR meter, so it looks like it runs fine on a DOS machine.  

I measured K = 0.1228, it said 0.1198... :)

Can't wait to fire up this 18 gauge secondary!

Bruce Martin 

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>	Here is the file for calculating winding self and mutual
>inductance.  It runs in QBASIC on my Mac and, with perhaps some
>tuning, it should run on a PC; I haven't tried that.  It is a
>text file.  Please let me know how it comes across.
>etc... etc... etc...