secondary wire

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On Tuesday, April 07, 1998 2:41 PM Edward V. Phillips
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>> "Maybe a stupid question, but here goes.
>> We have a couple of thousand feet of #22 insulated stranded copper wire
>> that we were considering using to wind a new secondary.  Is this an ok
>> idea, or is stranded wire detrimental to the efficiency of the coil, or
>> enough so to make it undesirable to use?"
>  In my opinion it would work fine, considering that the inductance
> for a given secondary length will be lowered by the turn-to-turn
> spacing caused by the insulation.  Sure someone else will disagree,
> but if I had the wire and the form I'd wind up a coil and see.

Ed, you seem to have it backwards! You want to get AS MUCH INDUCTANCE 
AS YOU CAN in any given secondary! Remember, for a two coil system;

      Vsecondary = Vprimary * SQRT ( Isecondary / Iprimary )

As far as the appropriateness of the stranded wire, that is dependent on how 
thick the insulation is, if it is relatively thin then OK, BUT if it is 
thick then the secondary inductance will be too low and the output will be 
radically reduced.


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