some free reference books

From:  Bill Noble [SMTP:william_b_noble-at-email.msn-dot-com]
Sent:  Saturday, April 11, 1998 10:56 PM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  some free reference books

I'm running out of space - I've put the following in a pile to donate or
toss.  Most are one to two inches thick, unless I marked it as "thin". If
anyone wants them, Email me directly - just pay for postage - these are old,
but most are still useful:

D.A.T.A book electronic information series - 3 volumes, 1977, Transistors,
Logic ICs, Interface ICs
Motorola  master selection guide, Nove 72 (thin)
Motorola small signal transistors 1983
Motorola RF devices 1983
RCA integrated circuits 1976
Signetics 8000 series ttl/msi memories 1972
signetics linear 1972
signetics 54/7400 serices data book 1972
Motorola linear IC data book (first edition) 1971
Motorola semiconductor reference library (2nd ed) 1972
Signetics analog data book  1981
Motorola master selection guide (rev 3 - year unknown - about 10 years old)
Motorola semiconductor data library CMOS, vol 5 series B 1976
Motorola shottky ttk data book 1977
National audio/radio product data - thin, 120 pages, don't know the year -
National audio handbook - no year, early 70s,  about 3/8 inch thick
National linear data book June 76
National MM54HC/74HC data booklet, 62 pgs
National ALS/AS logic databook, 1987
Texas Instruments MOS memory data book, 1989
TI TTL data book 1985, Vol 4
TI TTL  data book, 1984, vol 1
TI linear circuits data book, 1984
TI interface circuits data book 1987
Signetics bipolar LSI data manual 1984
TI voltage regulator data book 1983
National Linear designers guide, spring 1995 (t66 pgs)
signetics bipolar memories, 88 pgs, no date (70s)
signetics full product line ref, no 2, march 1976  44 pgs
National linear integrated circuits June 72 468 pgs
National digital integrated circuits may 71   210 pgs
EDN magazine sept 12, 96 microprosessor/microcontroller directory
National product samples LM4860 and LM 4861 audio amplifiers (a box with
handbook, a couple of       chips, schematics, etc - a few years old)

Electronic Engineers Master catalog (86-87) volumes C and D (4 inches thick)
interconnections, packaging, power sources, computers, equipment
Volumes A, B of above, 1993-94 (a=electronic components,
b=electromechanical, electrooptical, military)

IC Master, 2 volumes, 1986, 5 inches thick

photocopy of 1977 emissions control manual used by mechanics to work on
american cars

anyway, next weekend, this is all going to be gone, so let me know right
away if you want any of this