Safety gap setting

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Subject:  Re: Safety gap setting

to: Jim

Be sure you are running your sparkgap in parallel with the xmfr feed and
the cap in series "downwind".  Don't put the cap directly across the xmfr
and run the sparkgap downwind.  Set your safety gap on the xmfr bushing at
30-40% greater than the normal flashover for your xmfr if the system is
running on 60 hz AC without the cap and coil running (disconnected).  Keep
the total gap less than 0.3 inch (total) for any sparkgap system.  


> From:  James Burgess [SMTP:bouncer-at-iquest-dot-net]
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> Subject:  Safety gap setting
> I have just gotten my new cap, it is a Maxwell
> .05mfd 75kv and works great. My question is, at what
> distance
> should the safety be set for this cap. I'm running a 14.4kv
> pig with the gap set at .625, at lower power this gap is ok,
> but as I get to half power the gap starts to fire.
>             A chart I have says 15mm=39.3kv {almost .625}
> this is over half the rating of my cap, since the cap should
> be de-rated by half for A/C. I don't want to blow this cap
> {too much money} but I don't want to cut power If I don't
> have to.
>                                        Thanks
>                                        J.R. Burgess