40MHz Spark Gap Behavior

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Sent:  Tuesday, April 14, 1998 12:39 AM
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Subject:  Re: 40MHz Spark Gap Behavior

Hi Terry, this is really great stuff.

Last year while using my home rolled capacitor
I was complaining about huge 5 Mhz oscillations
just like you describe, right at the beginning when
the gap fired, many times bigger than the 107 kHz

I just remeasured the spike, but am now using
very low inductance Maxwell caps - 0.05 uH. The
rather messy looking spike frequency is now at
115 Mhz., measured with a Tektronics 2467B - a
400 Mhz analog scope with screen intensifier- good
for this sort of thing.

Lead lengths, primary and secondary are basically

Is it possible you are seeing the caps themselves

Just a thought