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Hi fellow coilers

      My plate cap is coming along nicely. The whole floor is covered with bits
of litho plates and poly dust covers.,and i now know the formula for the plate
area in my sleep. I am going for 20 mil of poly and 6 sets of caps in series
which should give me a good margin for voltage breakdown. I have tapped into a
endless supply of litho plates at scrap price direct from a metal refinery,so if
any UK coilers want to try making a flat plate cap using them let me know off
list. I have tracked down a Uk suppier of ALPOLIC and they have sent me some
samples.The same people also do a mirror material which is thinner, 2 mm which
looks easier to cut. I am not sure about the dielectric though. It is black in
colour and might contain carbon. The other problem is the price, 300 for a 8x4
sheet. thats three hundred pounds!. It might be worth trying if got from a
building site but I agree with Fr tom that it is a lot of work. The address if
anyone is interested is

unit 462 464 Walton Summit Centre
      Bamber Bridge
tel 01772 315888

They are the sole suppliers in the UK and will send samples if asked and will
also deliver for an extra 20

Hope this is usefull to someone.

ps found a good site for pulse cap specs with a program to work out parameters.
it's called pcccad from Evox Rifa AB Kalmar Sweden.
 {gleaned from electronics and wireless world may 1998.}

safe coiling to yer

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