Bert Pool's Visit (fwd)

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I just got back from my visit to New Zealand.  I was very happy to get to
finally meet Malcom Watts in person!  I was impressed with his lab work,
and I'll be posting some pictures on my web site as soon as they get back
from the processing lab ( I shot over 430 pictures in NZ, so it will take a
few days to get it all back!)  I was not impressed with the antiquated
power system in Aukland, though Wellington was better.  I really like NZ
and the people there - very friendly and thoughtful.  Malcom, thanks again
for the tour and dinner!

Bert Pool

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> Hi All,
>           I had the pleasure of hosting Bert Pool and wife Leslie for 
> part of last evening. Bert is the first coiler I've met on the List 
> that I've actually met in person. He arrived here at my workplace 
> around 6:30PM after a long drive down country. He will be here for 
> another eleven days or so.
>      I showed him some of the test gear I've been using in my coil 
> researches, the terminal from which I've been communicating with you
> and we finally fired the coil out back. He shot a considerable amount 
> of video including a brief description of the test gear, coil and 
> some of the photos of magnifier waveforms I captured on the scope 
> recently. So there - it's all real :)
>      He gave me a superb photograph of the magnifier system he and 
> Bill Emery have been working on which showed it throwing sparks all 
> over the yard in front of his garage. The craftsmanship is superb and 
> he left me with some very handy ideas on building more powerful 
> systems. I'm told by Leslie that one of the trees has since demised 
> due to repeated strikes. We ended the meeting with a light meal in a 
> local restaurant.
> Malcolm