Simulated tesla coil

From:  Edward V. Phillips [SMTP:ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu]
Sent:  Wednesday, April 15, 1998 2:20 PM
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Subject:  Re:  Simulated tesla coil


        I have been somewhat unsuccessful as well in simulating a Tesla coil using ICAP. "

	Not sure what ICAP is, but I've been quite successful simulating
a TC coil using Electronics Workbench  a SPICE-based program.  The
spark gap was simulated with voltage-controlled switches, or relays
with a high pickup voltage and a low drop out.  In each case an 
appropriate value of resistance was used.  For the first few cycles
the resistance doesn't make much difference.......

	Should point out that in EWB relays can respond in nanoseconds,
which is the reason the model works.  By the way, when modeling
excitation by a neon sign transformer with high secondary inductance,
all sorts of interesting (and readily verified) charging effects
occur as the primary voltage to the transformer is changed.  These
include sparks only every few cycles or half cycles.