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> I have three VT-4-C vacuum tubes.  Does anyone have any specs on these?
> Would they be good for coil work?
> Raymond Koonce


Nice catch! These are the militarized versions of 211 power triodes. I
personally built a 1.5 KW Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil using three of these
back in high schoool (only about 34 years ago...) - they worked great!!
At that time, you could pick them up for about $5.00 apiece on the
surplus market. Now the audiophiles have bit these up to the $50-70
range, since they also make great audio power tubes. 

They use a 10 volt, 3.25 Amp thoriated tungsten filament that you can
read a newspaper by. These tubes can take quite a beating. RCA specs
them at 1250 VDC max plate voltage, grid -400 V, plate current 175 MA,
grid 50 MA, 250 watts max plate input power...but these are starting
points fot TC use. :^)

-- Bert --