Coil Form Sealing?

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I personally like the spar varnish. In my opinion, it goes on thicker than the
polyurathane. When I used polyurathane, it took three times the number of coats
to acheive the same thickness that I've acheived with spar varnish. Also with
the polyurathane, I noticed some cracking. The spar varnish is flexible and
resist cracking and peeling. Spar varnish on a wooden floor is not something you
would want because it's a bit tacky, but on a TC, it does all right in my book.

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> Subject:  Coil Form Sealing?
> Hello Fellow Coilers,
> I now have my 6" PVC coil-form.  I've sanded it inside and out and it's now
> drying under a heat lamp.  My question is what to use to seal it with
> (before and after winding).  I have oil based polyurethane and spar varnish.
> I'm leaning towards the polyurethane since a test shows it is thicker and
> adheres better to the 200 oC magnet wire.  Although the spar varnish has
> proven to be very durable on previous projects.  What are your suggestions?
> Almost forgot to say that I will keep the secondary turning on the winding
> jig while the sealer dries.
> Thanks,
> Brian B.