Colorado Springs equipment

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Sent:  Thursday, April 16, 1998 8:18 AM
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Subject:  Colorado Springs equipment

Hi all ,

    I've a couple of questions 

                In viewing a photo of the lab in Colorado Springs I

observed what appeared to be humongus ! ^ !  batteries --- 

   Was Tesla using the Mercury Controllers at the lab as well

as the mains power ?? --- 

    I understand  that  the mains frequency  was 400 Hz ???

     400 Hz mains could make life a bit easier in some respects -- no?

     Has there been much interest in the inductive " kick "  source  of 

primary power by anyone ?? ---- 

     Tesla supposedly achieved * 4400 * B.P.S. using his mechanical 

interupters ---- 

     This seems to me to be a reasonable -- albiet - a bit more involved :->

way to produce primary power that is " more in tune " with the total system,

as the most optimum timing  of  frequency / dwell  -- can be better controlled

     Just some thoughts --- any feed-back  ??? 

Thank you