primary question

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Sometimes it's a good idea to use some "scrap" 12 or 14 AWG house wiring to
fashion a primary.  Scrape a tap every turn for tuning & testing.  After
you find the correct number of turns for your system then discard the scrap
wiring and fabricate a neat looking primary.  The scrap test primary can be
supported on cardboard by standing small pieces on edge and cutting small
slots in each piece.  On new small oscillators we sometimes use up to 24
scrap test turns to find the correct values.  If running with NST's as a
power source it is best to keep the cap value lower and use more turns to
achieve the correct resonance.  This produces less load stress on the NST
especially during testing.  Happy coilin'


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> My Primary coil is 6 wraps and the coil will not perform at all unless
> tap is on the 6th wrap.  It works better at the end than the beginning.
> Should I have more?  Say 12?  Any help at this point would be greatly
> appreciated.
>                                                             Michael