Glycerine as a cap dielectric?

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Subject:  Re: Glycerine as a cap dielectric?

> From:  Matthew Mills [SMTP:mattmills-at-mindless-dot-com]
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> Subject:  Glycerine as a cap dielectric?
> Hi I was just thinking....(Woah Dangerous!!!) and have heard that
> glycerine makes a good dielectric as its dielectric constant is about
> 60, would this be any good for caps? or does it have extremely high loss
> factors?

Glycerine is very hygroscopic, and as soon as it picks up any water, it is
a terrible insulator.

Distilled water has a dielectric constant of 80+ and is a fairly decent
insulator, as long as your pulses are less than a microsecond. It has no
breakdown voltage (i.e. it is a conductor, but a bad one, and the
conductivity is inversely proportional to frequency)