indoor coiling

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Unless you really need a good justification for buying a
new pc, I wouldn't
recommend it. There have been many postings on this list
of pc's, garage door
openers, and other electronic devices which have fallen
prey to TC's. I expect
you would get the same advice from most on this list.

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> Subject:  indoor coiling
> during the winter, i moved all my coiling stuff into my room.  it is all
> together and i really want to fir it up since i haven't done so in about
> five months.  i can run my ground from outside into my room so i won't be
> using the house ground.  would it be safe to do this in my room.  i have a
> computer and a stereo system.  will they be ok if i unplug them?  i also
> have a cable modem, is that going to be a problem?  i can bring it outside
> if i have to, but i just want to play around a bit and don't really want to
> move it.
> thanks
> kevin