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Although the following message is not coil related some list members 
might be interested. Quite a few Tesla list members would probably 

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Subject:       AD: RF Engineer Needed

Due to your related experiences, I was hoping you could help me out on

We are a market leader in the development of novel therapeutic
urological devices and seek to hire a RF Engineer to work in our
Midwest facility.  Someone that can develop high frequency RF antennas
and work in highly motivated team environment.

A BS degree in Electrical Engineering, two years industry experience
and a basic understanding of Maxwell's Equation is needed.

I can offer a competitive salary ($60,000) and comprehensive benefits.

If you know anyone that might be interested please contact:
Larry Chiaravallo
Voice:  (609) 584-9000 ext 216
Fax:  (609) 584-9575
Email: lmc-at-chase25-dot-com

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