energize laser with TC?

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Sent:  Monday, April 20, 1998 8:00 AM
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Subject:  energize laser with TC?

Seeing these posts gave me an idea of an experiment to try.  I had 
a HeNe laser tube so we wanted to see if we could get it to lase 
with the Tesla coil.  I was never able to get it to work with my 
power supply I use with my other laser tube.  

We got it to light up and the small glass tube inside (between 
the mirrors) appeared to be lasing but there was no output from 
the mirrors.  Has anyone else tried this with a good tube or any 
similar experiments?   

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> Subject:  Fw: neon light vs laser
> Lasers and coils have one big thing in common, Resonance!!!
> For a HeNe (neon) laser to laze the neon gas has to be in a resonant cavity
> consisting of a 100% reflective mirror parallel with a 95% reflective
> mirror, and the HeNe gas in between.  When the neon is excited (electricity
> applied) it is much like a neon sign.  The difference is that the light
> from
> the neon starts to bounce back and fourth between the two mirrors exciting
> more Ne atoms with every pass.  this way only the photons (light) moving
> perpendicular to the mirrors can exit the cavity.  Thus coherence.
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