indoor coiling

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>  Every time I fire up my tesla coil downstairs, later when I come up stairs
> the microwave clock is reset, also my Ti-85 calculator looses its memory.  I
> wouldn't get my PC within 100 feet of a tesla coil.

Either you coil is radiating too much into the air or even more likely your 
getting R.F. flowing back to the line. You can stop any radiation problems 
by putting the coil in a Faraday shield, note this need not be solid metal 
it can easily be conductive screening so long as the openings in the shield 
are less than 1/4 the wavelength of your operating frequency. BTW make sure 
you ground the shield. As for any R.F. finding it's way bacjk to the line,
, make sure you have good R.F. chokes on both sides of you power 
transformer's secondary AND a pair of R.F. disapation capacitors from your 
power transformers secondary outputs to ground.


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