energize laser with TC?

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>Subject:  energize laser with TC?
>Seeing these posts gave me an idea of an experiment to try.  I had 
>a HeNe laser tube so we wanted to see if we could get it to lase 
>with the Tesla coil.  I was never able to get it to work with my 
>power supply I use with my other laser tube.  
>We got it to light up and the small glass tube inside (between 
>the mirrors) appeared to be lasing but there was no output from 
>the mirrors.  Has anyone else tried this with a good tube or any 
>similar experiments? 
I put a 5mW HeNe tube on top of my coil and it lased quite happily as
the corona streamers snaked off the ends! Wasn't as bright as when
powered properly though!
I didn't make any other connection to it, as this would probably
de-tune the coil.
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