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> Subject:  Superdialectrics?
> I'm taking a materials science course in college now, and one thing we're going over is superconductors.  Also, I've noticed that there is a general correspondence between losses and the dialectric constant of certain materials.  Someone on this list me
> ntioned that this is because of polar molecules that cause friction when aligning.
> That got me to thinking- are there such things as "superdialectrics"?  That is, are there materials, where at a certain temperature, the molecules lose all resistance to aligning, and hence, no losses?  You could then use a material with an insane diale
> ctric constant, 60-80 maybe.
> Any ideas?
> Scott Cutler


Unfortunately, all physical materials are lossy, although some materials
have very low dielectric losses. However, if you remove ALL material
from the gap - ie, use a vacuum, you WILL have a "dielectric" with no
dielectric losses! Vacuum capacitors are used in high power radio
equipment for this very reason.

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