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With a small to med size coil it is usually desireable to have the toroid
approx 3/4 to 1 inch above the top winding on the secondary coil, ie, a
horizontal line drawn across the bottom of the metal edge of the toroid is
slightly elevated above the sec winding.  A good way to support the toroid
to the proper height is use a piece of PVC tubing which is coated with an
insulation (Glyptal or varnish) and cut to the proper length to give the
correct elevation.  Toroids elevated higher than 1 inch usually fail to
protect the top winding which emits tremendous corona and starts to break
down the wire's insulation with time.  This effect isn't always visible to
the human eye and it is necessary to take some 4-6 second time lapse photos
of your system running (f1.2-f1.4) with ASA 100 color film.  Camera on
tripod and room totally dark.  By examing the film you can spot any corona.
 If any is present and directed upward at a 45 degree angle you are running
your toroid way to high to be effective.   A small amount of horizontal
spray off the last winding or no spray is ok and indicates your system is
working properly.


> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> Subject: Toroid connection
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> Subject:  Toroid connection
> What is the proper way of connecting a toroid & is there a proper height
> the secondary's top winding? I have a 4" ceramic stand-off insulator
> on a 1/8" piece of plexi on the top of my secondary coil. I ran the wire
> my top turn to a brass bolt in the top of the insulator to which I
> my toroid. I'm getting a lot of corona loss from the top windings & the
> connection. Should I lower the toroid / decrease the length of the
> wire or is this normal? Also is this the correct way of connecting to the
> toroid? Thanks, Jim