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> Subject:  PE covered secondary
> Why couldn't you just cover a PVC secondary with 30mil PE (2 layers) and
> melt glue the PE to the PVC instead of all the time consuming coatings
> various varnishes...........?
>        Dan

The varnish, polyurethane, acrylic resin, epoxy, glyptal, or whatever, is
generally fairly non-viscous, and, so tends to wick in between the turns of
wire, aiding in removing air bubbles between windings, and increasing
dielectric strength. Someone, I believe it is Greg Leyh, actually casts his
windings, removing the sonotube form after the resin has set-up.

The other reason is that it looks nice and people have always done it. The
latter is an important factor in something as empirical as Tesla coils.