Re: indoor coiling (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:21:25 EDT
From: RobsMus <RobsMus-at-aol-dot-com>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: Re: indoor coiling

Hey Barton! (and other "coilers")

     I'm reading and researching (as best I can, being a musician-pseudo
'lectronic tech) to build my first coil, and I'm really fired up 'bout
building it.

     Any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated, since my novice
status is. real. 

     I've got a 9,000 volt neon transformer, and I'm trying to decide what
gear I need and could start with, to learn how build a working TC. There's so
much I don't know, it's mind boggling. 

     I'm willing to start with flashlight batteries and chewing gum wrappers,
if that makes more sense, but I'm determined to build one, so I'd love to hear
from you.

     Thanks in advance to all of you for your advise,  and for your posts and
info: it's great!

      -Michael Robinson