Re: Quarter Wave Calculations, HELP!!! (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Quarter Wave Calculations, HELP!!!

Hi Andrew,

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> Sorry bout the carriage return.  The word wrap gives
> me the impression that it will send like that.  Oh well.
> Could you please tell me Wheeler's L formula?  I already
> know Medhurst's C formula.

The one you used below is a variation on it. If it gives correc 
answers, why change.

> I missed that point about the correct topload 
bit in my > explanation.  So did I miss something in my reasoning?

I simply said that if you pick some frequency, calculate its quarter 
wavelength then wind a coil using this length of wire, it will 
resonate at a higher frequency than the wirelength suggests.. Adding a 
topload can bring the frequency down to your chosen frequency (and 
lower if you wish). I haven't seen any point in doing it to make the 
wirelength match some particular frequency.