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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:07:12 -0700
From: "Basura, Brian" <brian.basura-at-unistudios-dot-com>
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Subject: RE: kVA Effects News Flash! (fwd)

I got my brother and we headed out to Moorepark College to see the kVA show.

There were only a few of us there during set-up so we had a chance to meet
Brent Turner and Jeff Parisse as they sat up the coils.  It was fun and
informative speaking with them.  We also met and sat with Dan Murphy from
the list.  Dan's coil building goal is to get the longest spark from the
least amount of input power.

The tube coil was quite impressive with it's two BIG tubes glowing cherry
red and no noise except from the sparks themselves.  Jeff did a number of
demonstrations and the crowd loved it.

Brent fired up the big coil and it produced four to five foot sparks
everywhere.  Of course the grand finale was when "The Lightning Dude" (aka
Brent) sat on an energized table, poured water in his crotch for a good
connection, then shot huge sparks from his fingers.

It was a great show thanks to Jeff and Brent.

	Brian  B.