Exactly What is Behr Super Build ? (fwd)

(Replying here because it's convenient -- Chip)

I just checked the cans that I have and here's all that I could find.
Name: Build 50 Super Gloss
Purpose: Interior decoupage & super laminate
Manufacturer: Behr Process Corp.  Santa Ana, California, 92704

The stuff's for laminating things such as bar tops, table tops, etc.
It's basically two part epoxy.  It smells like epoxy and cures like it
too.  It's water clear.  There is no solvent base, but you can clean 
it up with acetone.  Hazard label says "causes severe eye and skin burns",
but I believe that's a bit excessive.  It's certainly not sodium
hydroxide (lye).  Check in your paint store or art store.


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Subject: Exactly What is Behr Super Build ?

I wonder if someone in the USA could describe exactly what this matl.
is please. I understand it to be a 2 part (epoxy?) coating.

What is its usual use?
What does the hazard label on the tin say?
What is the base solvent (if any)?
What are the two parts (presumably a peroxide hardener and a resin

I want to get a UK equivalent because i like the idea of the very hard
coating it gives. No doubt the UK equivalent will cost stacks, as
ever, so i might like to import some. Anyone know a WWW URL where i
can check it out? Searches have come up with nothing so far.


Richard Craven, Malvern, England.