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> Ray,
>    You will probably get at least ten other letters from people telling you
> not to use PVC as a dielectric.   I suffers from high losses in TC
> applications.   It might work ok for a DC capacitor since the voltage reversal
> would not be there, but not for TC caps, which see very fast voltage
> reversals.  Polyethylene and polypropylene are about the two best choices for
> dielectrics.
>    Hope this helps.
> Mike Hollingsworth

Rather than listen to all the naysayers I'd recommend that since as 
you pointed out the experiment will not cost much, it is worth doing.
I don't think it will be as bad as using melted beach sand as many 
beginners do for capacitor dielectric, and that certainly works, although poorly.

I made a 150 kV cap rated at 330 pF once from placing thick aluminum 
foil on both the inside and outside surfaces of a thick wall 
watermain type PVC pipe.  This cap operated between the HV output 
terminal of a neon xfmer powered tabletop Tesla coil and ground. 
With a sharpening gap in series with a plasma cell load it raised the peak
discharge current enormously.   This PVC dielectric cap held up well and I
don't recall feeling heat in it after a run.

Have fun,

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