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>  The pros build their 
>  caps with many large capacitance sections in series. This not only 
>  keeps voltage across each unit to a reasonable value but also takes 
>  advantage of the phenomenon that a thin film has a higher Volts/mil 
>  rating than a thick one.
Actually the caps I have taken apart do not have separate sections in series
(60 kv). They use floating plates instead to give the effect of caps in
series. This could be duplicated at home. Put several aluminum strips along
the length of the PE to be rolled up. Place another length of PE on top of the
first one and add alternate foil strips as shown below then roll the whole
thing up. The "connection" end foils should be wider and extend beyond the PE
sheet. The professional caps also have a length of paper in each layer and
are, of course, oil soaked.

connection________    _______     _______    _______    ________
                       _________   ________    _______  ________

jim heagy