Re: LDPE (clear or white/translucent?) (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:12:37 EDT
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Subject: Re: LDPE (clear or white/translucent?) (fwd)

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<< Fellow Coilers,
 I went to my local plastic supplier for LDPE (.030 mil) and what they had
 wasn't clear.  They called  it white/translucent.  Is this OK to use as a
 dielectric?  The counter dweeb said that it turns whitish at that thickness.
 I asked him to check his books but there was no clear in there at .030
 thickness.  Didn't quite believe him so I didn't purchase it.  Wanted to
 check with the experts first.  Should I get it or look elsewhere?
 	Brian  B.

Sounds like normal LDPE to me.  I have never seen it clear - only white.

Ed Sonderman