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> Subject: Giving credit to Tesla
>   Most of the professors haven't
> a single clue about what the Tesla Coil is, does, or about the inventor.
> Their loss.
> Hello,   How right you are.  So very few people realize the genius of
> Tesla.  Edison, a DC man, is given all the credit for electricity, but it
> was Tesla that gave us the polyphase induction system that provides us
> with our wonderful, inexpensive AC power.

> There are websites from which you can download lots of information.  I
> printed out an autobiography from www.eskimo-dot-com.  Also downloaded
> Prodical Genius Nikola Tesla, although we have a well worn copy of the
> book, published in 1944.

Just recently found a copy of  The inventions, researches and writings of
Nikola Tesla
at Barnes and Noble for about $8.00.
The Tesla Book Company, P. O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA, 91912 also offers
an excellent selection of publications.  My list is from 1995, and I wonder,
perhaps, if this comes for someone on the Tesla list.
My Harold introduced me to all these wonderful things and I am happy to know
that there are a few people out there, as on this list, who are giving
Now that I will have time on my hands I will go back and read them again to
research answers to your questions, but I am sure others will be able to
respond quickly.
Hope from this you can glean all the information you need.