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Subject: ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and Tesla coils (fwd)

>Those of you that have actually destroyed equipment (first hand, not friend
>of a friend of a friend who heard it from a post on the Tesla list), how
>far away was it? what power TC were you running? was the cover off the
>equipment? (I know you all never take the cover off your PC, right???) what
>sorts of cables were hooked up, to where?
Back in 1978 I lived in a small apartment. I had a next door neighbor
with a Panasonic stereo. He would play the thing real loud late into the
If you knocked on the door to ask him to turn it down, he would not be able
to hear,
or would just ignore the knocking.  One night after trying unsuccessfully to
get his attention
for a couple of hours, I set up my TESLA coil (bipolar,1/2 wave) near the
wall behind his stereo.
I wound up a coil of 18awg automotive primary wire about 24 turns, about 18
inches in diameter.
I hooked this coil up in series with the primary and the spark gap. Then I
turned on the coil
for a few seconds. Silence. It stayed quiet for a week. When the noise
started up again, I caught him
coming home one day and ask "innocently" if he had been on vacation or
something because I had not heard
his stereo for a while. He said "You know it's the darndest thing. The
stereo just went dead all  of a sudden
in the middle of the night. So the next day I took it to the store and they
checked it out. They said it must have been hit by lightening because every
single solid state component in it was burned out."
I would have to say that the end of the coil was about two feet away from
the stereo which was enclosed in a plastic box. I really can't tell you much
more about it, all of the parts I used to build that coil are long dead or
have been recycled. Just that it is possible to transmit energy over some
distance through walls without wires and no sparks.