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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 06:04:13 +0000
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>Subject: Subject: names
>A request to All:
>Please allow me to air a peeve.  Too many times a discussion thread goes
>off on an unrelated tangent but retains the original Subj: title.  Case 
>in point, the very important 40MHz Spark Gap Behavior thread has
>degenerated into a discussion of power vs. energy definitions.  While it
>may assist those interested in following this nitpicking, it wastes the time
>of those interested in the original topic or when scanning the archives.
>Please, rename your Subjects when deviating from the original.
>Regards, Gary Lau
>Waltham, MA USA

  Gary -

  I agree that a thread can go off on a tangent and the title should be
changed when it does. However, I do not agree that a discussion of power vs
energy is nitpicking when it comes to Tesla coils. I would point out to you
that this discussion was originally going into the over unity energy field
and a clarification of the terms of power vs energy were necessary. The fact
that the thread extented to such length is an indication that these two
terms are still confusing the people on the Tesla List.

  John Couture