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I'm fairly new to high voltage stuff but I think that even though it may not
"sound right", I think your pretty close to the answer (with a couple of
small changes to your column headers and the correct formula).  I believe I
just really learned what a kVA is for the first time today while doing some
research on my coil project.  I quote:

"CORRECTED KVA is determined by dividing the volt*amps (watts)
output of the ..... xfrmr by 1000"

"Equation courtesy of Richard Quick"

Included in the Tesla Mirror Archive, Math.txt.

It appears kVA just another unit for stating wattage that is easier to use
at high voltages.  This also means though that a relationship can be charted
similar to yours, based upon Ohm's and Watt's Laws, which I don't believe
change, regardless of the voltage in question.

I believe it should read:

 VA \ V    |   120      |   220     |   14.4kv (Output Volts)
  1kVA     |    8.33a  |   4.55a  |    69ma
  2kVA     |  16.67a  |   9.09a  |   139ma
10kVA     |  83.33a  |  45.55a |   694ma
14.4kVA  |     120a  |      60a  |         1a

(Please excuse the rounding errors)

It seems to help me put things in perspective to remember that a "pole pig"
doesn't normally output 14.4kV and that coilers are running these things in
reverse.  Rather 14.4kV is a normal input voltage with a normal output of
120/208 or perhaps 240/408 on a commercial site.   Lets take a 14.4kVA pole
pig.  Look at the number of input amps required to drive an output of 1 amp
at 14.4kV.  Your mains will blow well before you get there (or you'll pay
significant dollars for an additional commercial box which could handle such
a load).  But in normal operation, with an output of 120v, you get just the
right amount to power your 100a mains circuit box, with a 20% safety margin.

Hope this is all correct <g>,


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Subject: pole pig chart (fwd)

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>Subject: pole pig chart
>I am just curious...
>does anyone have a chart showing the relationships
>between kVA of the pig, with the current it pulls on
>the 220 side if it has an output of 13.8kv or 14.4kv for
>Tesla Coil use, ex :
>size |  120 | 220 | output current
>1kVA |  12a|  6A  | 14.4kv at 120ma
>2kVA | ??  |  ??? ??????????????????
>Obviously these probably aren't the right
>values, I'm just using this as an example...
>Jeff Corr
>2114 Monitor
>Enid, OK 73703