Re: 15kV Neons and a pole oinker. (fwd)

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> Hi!
> I just got my hands on a pair of 15kV/30 mA neons.  If hook them up parallel, then I will get 60mA... I am almost sure of that.  I remember reading a message that said that two transformers must be "in phase" before the current will double.  If they have the same line level input, then won't this be automatic?  (the two transformers are identical brand/condition/etc).

refering (I think) to direction of current from the secondaries. 

T1     T2     Tank Circuit

Would be the proper setup.

T1     T2     Tank

The above could pose some minor problems in the flow of electricity.

> Is it true that these transformers don't need current limiting, as it is built in?  What about for Jacobıs ladder?  I want to try out the Jacobıs ladder for fun, and don't want to ruin my xformers before they get a crack at Tesla!

Yes. NST's have power limiting built in.

> And one last thing, out of curiosity....  how many 15kV neons does it take to get the power of a pole pig?  (and where in the world do you get these monsters?  ... I hope you don't steal them off the pole in my block, as my power would go out!!!  and that means no tesla!  heheh)

Assuming that the 15kV's are 30mA and the Pole Mount is 5 KVA -at- ~15kV

(pulls out calculator)

~11 NST's given the above specs and assuming that you aren't overloading
the xfmrs
> Thanks for your time!

> And this list is always a GREAT read!

You have my agreement there
> J Day
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