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>Subject: Thyratrons
>To Richard and All,
>    I have experience with Hydrogen Thyrarons as I use them in the lab here
>for modulators.  My only comment is flyback diodes should be put across the
>Thyraron because if enough inverse voltage is seen across the tube it will
>conduct and drastically reduce the life of the tube.  Also this can be
>adjusted by the reservoir current to help stand off.  This is the case with
>larger tubes anyway.
>Dwight Duncan

I mentioned the use of a reversing diode across the H2 thyratron, but the
average experimenter can't obtain the desired hydrogen diode very easily.
The switch times on silicon diodes commonly available in the 20,000 piv
range is very slow.  With small L's in the firing circuit this might be a
solution, but with large L's found in  Tesla primary circuits, the hydrogen
diode is more capable and high peak reverse currents and offers much better

Richard Hull, TCBOR