Re: coil form sealing (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 12:42:04 -0700
From: rgsilvera-at-earthlink-dot-net
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Subject: Re: coil form sealing (fwd)

I built a 20" diameter coil form using fiber glass cloth and Evercoat,
Everfix Epoxy Resin (about $35 per gal at Home Depot). I added blue
color to the form resin. I overcoated the wound coil with clear resin.
The coil looks good after 6 months in southern CA. 

After reading earlier posts on this subject, I put some small test
windings on PVC pipe that were coated with this Epoxy in the freezer for
a day. When returned to room temp. there was no damage. I then heated
the sample to about 180 deg. F for a few min. then returned to the
freezer for another day. There is still no degradation of the finish
appearance or adhesion.
      Richard Silvera