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>Subject: Giving credit to Tesla
>Hello All:
>    I have nearly completed my first Tesla Coil, a project of over one
>year.  This coil will be given to the physics department for use in
>demonstrations, but I first have to give them the background and
>operation principles of the Tesla Coil.  Most of the professors haven't
>a single clue about what the Tesla Coil is, does, or about the inventor.
>Their loss.  I shall have to set them straight, which brings me to
>questions that I have about Tesla and his work (I have to get the facts
>Was Tesla's largest built coil the one used in Colorado Springs?
>(primary diameter approx. 75 feet, secondary approx. 10 feet tall, width
>of secondary??, power input??)

49.25 feet in diameter.  Main secondary winding height 69" tall with a
single air top turn  80" off the floor.  Maximum power mentioned is 15,000
watts, but probably as much as 25-40KW was available at times.  R Hull

>Did he complete a working coil at Warderclyffe?

No firm data exists for a completed coil at Wardenclyffe!  There is some
limited evidence to show Tesla may have cobbled something up in the death
throws of the venture.  R. Hull

>Tesla created a wireless power system in which he transmitted
>approximately 10000 watts a distance of 26 miles from his laboratory, is
>it feasible to use such systems at the present time?

Tesla never did the above!!!!!  There is no evidence that he did and he
never noted any transmission of power in his on site lab notes at either
Colorado Springs or Wardenclyffe!!!  The above claim is a pipe dream and
newspaper hype extrapolated from Tesla's statements about what would be
possible!  With the passage of time it became a legend that he actually did
it.  He never did.
R. Hull

>That's all for now, thanks.
>Patrick Gustafson, Giving credit where credit is due.