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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:43:27 -0700
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> Gary - do *not* remove the varnish off the laminations!  The varnish is
there to 
> electrically isolate each metal plate from the next.  As I recall, the
> reduces either hysteresis losses or eddy current losses in the
> Bert Pool
> bertpool-at-ticnet-dot-com

Yep.. The reason to use laminations (as opposed to a solid bar of steel or
iron) is to reduce the eddy current losses. If the laminations aren't
insulated, they would act as a solid bar. The trick is to keep the
insulation thin, to reduce the overall size of the transformer, which
reduces the length of copper for a given number of turns, which reduces the
resistive losses. 

I might add that powdered iron and ferrites  are electrical insulators, so
they don't need laminations. However, if you ever took apart a tape wound
toroid, you'd find insulation between the windings.