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Hi Richard,

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> yeah, I know, I mentioned the above as the reason in my first and original
> post on Maggey 13, but a lot of folks are having trouble believing it.  Some
> of our own people in the TCBOR  pointed there fingers that tuning was taking
> place as the spark output diminished as I tuned out on the primary from 34uh
> to 80 uh.  I had to explain that that was due to the increased surge
> impedance of the tank and not any frequency change.  A few of our less
> informed people still didn't like the thought.

There is actually a solid piece of evidence about the mode of 
operation buried in there. Any body who has run a conventional two 
coil system knows that changing primary inductance by a factor of two
*eliminates* output, not just reduces it :)

>   Alas, it is more like a
> radio transmitter and less like a Tesla coil.  A great radiator though.  I
> gotta back to back a pair of tubes and custom fire those babies.
> I just picked up a Hewlett Packard 214A pulse generator at a recent hamfest
> for $10.00 with manual.  Nice big tube unit of about 50 lbs and rack
> mounted.  It will extend the capabilities of the H2 firing a great deal!
> It has the proper 50 ohm output impedance and can have rep rates from 10hz
> up to 1mhz.  Pulse duration, delay, and position are independently
> adjustable from nanoseconds to milliseconds.  It can be remote triggered,
> gated, or single shot fired.  Yields positive and negative pulses up to 100
> voilts in amplitude.
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

That sounds like a wonderful research tool. Nice find.