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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:18:04 -0500
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Very sorry to hear you were taken by this moron. Very distressing! Thanks for the

I would also like to add a story to this:

In a quest for caps, a cap manufacturer told me a story about an incident with a
coiler. The manufacturer built a cap for a "Tesla Coil" per this "coilers"
specifications. They sent the cap on faith of funds. After a long drawn-out event,
eventually this coilers "dad" paid for it. Later, dad wanted his money back
because it wasn't "working" (imagine that), and on and so forth.... BTW, this
occurred about three months ago.  There's a few intertwinded details to this
story, but what I want to point out to all, is when dealing with manufacturers
(which the rest of us also need to do), PLEASE be honest, intellegent, pay for the
part, and don't drive the manufacturer NUTS! Manufacturers like accounts which
purchase "thousands of caps". When buying a singular cap, the manufacturer goes
above and beyond the call of profit and margin etc.. etc.. and the last thing we
need is a manufacturer who doesn't want to deal with "Tesla Coil" types.

Many thanks,

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> Subject: Buyers Warning!
>        It is with no small portion of dismay that I post the follwing warning
> to the subscribers of both Tesla lists.  I have to report that in spite of the
> fact that by far the vast majority of the list members are extremely generous
> and faultlessly honest, I have been stung in bad deal.
>        A young coiler, Shaun O'Brien of Enid, Oklahoma, offered some parts for
> sale over his Tesla web site.  A deal was struck via E-mail and my check sent
> and cashed.  At that point Mr. O'Brien ceased all communication, refusing to
> reply to my inquiries about forthcoming shipment or even to respond to the
> copy of the cancelled check that I sent him to jog his memory.  All efforts to
> embarrass him into fulfilling his end of the bargain have failed and I must
> chalk up this deal as a loss.  The amount in question is small (less than
> $100) and Mr. O'Brien knows that I have no intention of journeying from NYC to
> Enid to press my claim in small claims court, but I feel that I would be
> remiss if I did not at least report this incident to the other members of
> these lists, so that they may avoid similar unfortunate circumstances.
>           My apologies for taking up list space with such a petty matter, but
> I felt that this warning should be posted so that others may avoid the risk.
> David Hutchison
> davidh8083-at-aol-dot-com