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I really hate to hear when this happens.  As a frequent trader on the
internet, I feel betrayed when some other seller stiffs his customer.  I
go an extra two miles to prove my integrety in any deal.  Although, I
have also lost money to some unscroupulous traders.  Sorry about the bad

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>Subject: Buyers Warning!
>       It is with no small portion of dismay that I post the follwing warning
>to the subscribers of both Tesla lists.  I have to report that in spite of
>fact that by far the vast majority of the list members are extremely generous
>and faultlessly honest, I have been stung in bad deal.  
>       A young coiler, Shaun O'Brien of Enid, Oklahoma, offered some parts
>sale over his Tesla web site.  A deal was struck via E-mail and my check sent
>and cashed.  At that point Mr. O'Brien ceased all communication, refusing to
>reply to my inquiries about forthcoming shipment or even to respond to the
>copy of the cancelled check that I sent him to jog his memory.  All efforts
>embarrass him into fulfilling his end of the bargain have failed and I must
>chalk up this deal as a loss.  The amount in question is small (less than
>$100) and Mr. O'Brien knows that I have no intention of journeying from NYC
>Enid to press my claim in small claims court, but I feel that I would be
>remiss if I did not at least report this incident to the other members of
>these lists, so that they may avoid similar unfortunate circumstances. 
>          My apologies for taking up list space with such a petty matter, but
>I felt that this warning should be posted so that others may avoid the risk.
>David Hutchison