Re: Cigar secondary coil form (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 14:21:55 -0500
From: RODERICK MAXWELL <tank-at-magnolia-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: Cigar secondary coil form (fwd)

> Making your own tube for a secondary form is a very viable option. I have
> made large diameter plexiglass tubes like 2 feet in diameter by heating a
> 1/4 inch thick sheet and then bending it into tube shape and then joining
> the seam with methylene chloride. It's sure a lot cheaper buying the sheet
> than an already formed tube! 

     I never thought you could get it to bend that much!

    It's a shame it can't practicaly be done with
> very low loss material like polyethylene or teflon, but damn near nothing
> will work as an adhesive for these!

    Polystyrene is not as low a loss plastic as polyethylene, or teflon
but it's close. I use it to make my capacitor dielectric. As far as
output is concerned you can't tell the difference from a cap made with
polyethylene, and a cap made with polystyrene.

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