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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:23:30 -0400
From: David Sharpe <sccr4us-at-erols-dot-com>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Subject: Re: unknown tube (fwd)

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> From: nick <nick-at-erie-dot-net>
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> Subject: unknown tube
> Hello
> Is there anyone out there that would like to part with a rca transmitting
> tube book?
> Yet again I have a unknown tube, it is a 527B. I would like to know the
> spects on it.
> I think they are triods?
> I picked up two of them for free and would like to know if there good for
> tesla use.
> thnx
> nick mcquiston
> nick-at-erie-dot-net


Are you sure they are not 572B's??  572B is a high mu, graphite anode
big brother of the 811A (160W, 3kV, mu ~ 160).

Used 2 of them in a push-pull hartley oscillator (1kVA-2kVA) and
gave sparks up to 18-19" before they "died" (internal flashover
at 6.8kV level shifted).

Using a 1.5-2.0kV MOT, they are just about bullet proof...

Also direct pin-for-pin replacement for 811A.


Dave Sharpe, TCBOR