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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 23:05:31 -0500
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Subject: Re: Lighting Strike (fwd)

Gary, you're a lucky man! But then, you already know that. This has
to myself a couple of times (BTW, never be on the back of horse when this
happens). The "bang" of lightning strike makes our TC's seem like a babys
toy. Glad you're still with us! But if it's time to go, what more can a
coiler ask for?


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> Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 20:39:06 -0700 (PDT)
> From: gweaver <gweaver-at-earthlink-dot-net>
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> Subject: Lighting Strike
> We have been having lots of thunder storms and tornadoes around here.
> Today after work a thunder storm moving NE was approaching and passed
> by just north of my house.  I timed several of the distant lighting
> strikes 4 and 5 seconds each which makes them about 3/4 to 1 mile away.
> We were having no rain and not much wind either.  I planted a tiny tree
> in the back yard and was walking down the drive way towards the house
> when I suddenly felt an electrical tingle on the upper part of my body,
> my hair and right arm.  I was carring a shovel in my right hand and an
> empty 5 gallon plastic bucket in my left hand.  There was a 35 to 40
> foot tall Ash tree to my right about 12 to 15 feet away.  The house was
> about 15 to 18 feet straight ahead.  I instantly dropped the shovel and
> bucket and ran for the house.  As I ran under the Eves of the roof
> there was a bright lighting flash and an instant explosion of thunder
> that sounded like several sticks of dynamite exploding.  I did not see
> where the lighting struck but it was very close.  It may have struck
> the Ash tree but I could see no signs of that when I later inspected
> the tree.  It could have struck the aluminum gutter on the house 4 feet
> over my head.  I don't know?
> I suppose we have all felt this electrical feeling because we all have
> a Tesla Coil.  You know how it feels to stand about a foot or so out of
> strike range of your TC and it makes the hair on your body stand up a
> little and it makes your skin tingle a little too.  Thats how it felt
> to me in the drive way just before the lighting strike.  I instantly
> knew what was about to happen and didn't waste 1/10 of a second getting
> out of there.
> Gary Weaver