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> i am fed up with poly. i cant figure a design that works well
> so ...
> ive got a bunch of quarter roof flashing all clean and the same size.
> i figure i could just stack the plates on one another with double sided
> tape or styrofoam however far apart they need to be with nothing in
> between them. then whenever i get the caps where im setting up i can
> sink them into a liquid or gassious dielectric, fire the coil and pull
> em out again to take it home. i was thinking of useing 10 w 30 engine
> oil but i need to know the strength or if anyone has a better idea for
> a dieletric thats readily available and not too expensive please mail me.

Your going to be hard put to find a gas dielectric with any sizable 
dielectric strength with out resorting to high pressures, air for example 
increases it's dielectric strength from 30 - 70 volts per mill at one 
atmosphere to 500 volts per mill but it takes 20 atmospheres of pressure!. 
I wouldn't suggest the 10W30 automobile oil there is far too many additives 
in it! Your best bet would be U.S.P. mineral oil with it's dielectric 
constant of 2.2 to 2.7 and it's dielectric strength of 200 volts per mill, 
or better still one of the high dielectric constant refrigerator compressor 
oils like Sunsil. It's dielectric constant is 4 and it's dielectric 
strength is the same as mineral oil!


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