Re: Solid state Secondary

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Subject: 	Re: Solid state Secondary

>> Bylund also gives the equation for output voltage
>> Vout = Vin / R * sqrt(L / C)

ie. Vout = Vin * Q
>> Thus like you I chose to maximise L and minimise R.

ie. maximize Q.
>> But Bylund also comments that the losses in the coil
>> are as nothing compared to Corona losses -
>> My question is this could we do just as well winding
>> 2000 turns of 32 guage wire onto a 4" drain pipe or
>> whatever gives the same inductance.

You may try out transmission like theory based calculations. Too
lossy system will not
put out a lot of voltage according to calculations done like
described in "Vacuum tube
Tesla coils".

I guess Bylan is making an assumption that power is dissipated in
corona immediately
or something as absurd. The power in a solid state coil with a top
capasitance is actually
circulated in the coil for a while before the breakdown occurs, I

Anyway, I'll not take what Bylan says granted. His design was so
poor, he suggested
an optinum system being a huge coil made of thin wire with almost no
top load etc.
I guess that's the only way that poor system did not break down. He
was happy to see
the system used for several minutes per run! I think his article in
Radio Electronics is
mostly crap and erratic as usual for Dylan's designs published in
that paper.

Harri Suomalainen