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I got lots of replies about my geiger counters so i am writing to the list
with answers. I have hundreds of geiger counters that date back as far as
1967, but many have been modified since then to run on D cells. The ones for
$50 are model 27FX navy units weighing about 10 pounds.
size  9x5x6" exclusive of handle and the end window detector tube on coil cord
.5,5,50,500  mR/hr scales analog meter, wierd the scale physically changes as
the switch is rotated.
beta and gamma detection with 5979 thin window tube and gamma only tube for
high scale is 5980 tube.
comes with Al case, carrying strap and headphones. Extra 5979 tube is $5 and
extra 5980 tube $3.
Tech manual incl. has lots of diagrams and troubleshooting tips.
Counter gives strong reading on uranium(orange) Fiesta ware, etc.
Have lots of  other counters :  8 D cell type and also multiple battery types
taking 1 1/2 v to 67 1/2 v batteries for $20 each--- you can build an ac pwr.
supply and not have to buy batteries.
All to be shipped from or picked up in San Francisco.
Most of the counters have some bad battery contacts so i have to sort through
and clean contacts to make them work. I have lots of other stuff too.

                                                                    Jim Heagy

                                                              San Francisco,
CA  94119-4370